Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 9- Letters # 10

Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 7:53 PM Hola! My address is Ernesto Berde #301 Col. Amp. Los Ángeles Torreón Coahuila CP. 27148. My companions name is Elder Camarillo, and he is awesome. My apartment is awesome. We actually just switched after the first week! Pretty funny. But yeah Ill be sending the card w/pictures of it probably next month. My mission president is awesome but I have only seen him like 4 times. not much. His wife is pretty cool too. Everything is awesome. The food is really different than the mexican food there, and at times it is tough because I am so full and I cant eat any more but I have to eat it. Lots of walking too. Love you guys! ALSO... Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 8:18 PM Hola again! It is awesome to hear from you guys!! Sounds like everything is going awesome!! So did I call you guys on Spring break? That's awesome to hear that Dana is engaged!! Muy Chevere!! Disneyland huh?!?! Sounds like a blast! Thats cool that you got to see the Turner's too. I actually don´t have my camera with me but I will send it next month if thats okay, when its full. Or if you want I will bring it next week. That's awesome to hear about your calling mom!! You'll do great! That's good to hear that Conner has a job, and that Brett is in the search. That's cool to hear about Eliza too with her growing tall. Pretty cool. Yeah I will try to send cards but if all Preparation days are like today I'm not sure if I will be able too. But if you could wish Ashlyn and DaeNeese a happy birthday from me that would be awesome. Sounds like everything is just very awesome down there. Thats good. But yeah I love the food down here. Very Spicy. There is so much work to be done here. We only have 17 active members in our ward out of 35. We actually already have 3 baptism dates just from this week though. I can see the spirit's hand in helping us out in finding these people. On saturday we were knocking doors when we came accross a man who kind of interested but not sure. He said that he would think about going to church the next day when we invited him. He later told us that his knee was hurting him and that he was not able to walk much. We offered to give him a blessing and he accepted. The next day at church we are just hoping that one of our investigators would come in but no one was coming. With about 10 minutes in I looked at the entrance and he was standing there looking for a seat. We welcomed him and sat by him. He later told us that after the blessing his knee began to be much better and he WALKED to church! What a miracle!! There are so many awesome things like that here and they continue to happen. I know that this is the true church and that we can all receive eternal life if we are righteous. Love you guys!! Elder Corbin

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