Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 7- Letter 8

Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 1:15 PM ¡Como estan! What a crazy week it has been. At the beginning of the week I got assigned a new companion who had hurt his ankle named Elder L. His district has all left and he has to stay behind until his ankle heals. How rough is that huh? He is taking it pretty well though. It was weird though because I went to physical therapy with him at the Utah health clinic (the place where I was checked monthly for my ACL). It was weird to be out of the MTC for a little bit. But he is going to be reassigned on Monday to work with the missionaries who work on fb and referrals. Yes, I have seen David Archuleta. It was kinda weird, I was expecting him to be sort of tall but he is only like 5'3, and when I saw him I just thought, "Is that really David Archuleta?". Pretty funny haha. Anyways, I am so pumped for conference!! I can't wait. There are always great messages in conference. I would like to challenge you guys to have a question before going into conference and listen for an answer during it. Just to let you know I am not in the MTC choir so don't try too hard to look for me. There are some people in my district who are in the choir though. Probably the most exciting part of the week though, is yesterday I came into class to find a paper on my desk. I looked at the paper and found out that I am going to Boise on Monday to sign the VISA and I will be leaving on April 9 to Torreon!!!! I am so excited!! I was really shocked to see that my visa is there. Anyways how are you all doing? I will be sending the picture card on Monday and hopefully that should get to you soon. It was good to hear from you! Les Amo, Elder Corbin

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