Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 6- Letter # 7

Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 2:18 PM Hola, Hows everyone doing? It is good to hear from you. That is crazy that Brett and Conner have their liscences! That's muy chevere! I do remember his project! haha I don't know why but I couldn't think of it last week. So thats good though. Thats cool that he is making progress, and really close to the end. K yeah so I will send the pictures to you guys, and continue in the system. Aparently things get stolen out of mail from Mexico sometimes, so would you like me to continue that in Mexico? You guys got the treadmill huh? Thats cool! Yeah everyone says that they don't understand how I eat so much and be that skinny. And I continue to stay pretty much the same weight. That's pretty cool to hear a little about B. How is his situation with going to church and stuff? I remember that when I left they were trying to be his friend and help him come to church and stuff. Yeah thanks I got the picture. Looks like you guys had a blast! I used the Debit card and it worked. I havent heard anything else about finances though. That's awesome to hear about the lesson for FHE this week. The one for this week is Humility. Just a reminder it is in row from preach my gospel. That was awesome to hear about the Joyfully Read potential!! That is really cool. Especially coming from that guy. How are Josh and Justin doing? Does Blake still hang out with Justin? That was nice of you to help out with the Wilson's wedding. Thats cool that the Neeses got a new dog too. Do they like it? I also wanted to wish Brett a happy Birthday and hope he enjoys it. Oh and thank you for those awesome cookies! they were way good!! If you ever have any extras lying around, don't hesitate to send any to me. ;) I have felt the Savior's love for me and that he cares for me during this MTC expereince, and I have had my testimony strengthened. I love all of you guys and hope all continues to go well. Nos vemos, Elder Corbin

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