Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun farewell gathering...

January 29, 2012...Only 10 more days!!
Brandon's farewell talk today. We had lots of family and friends to see him off. We even got to meet some of his friends from SNOW College. Eliza was asked to be the youth speaker as well as Samuel Thrupp. They both did a great job. Bro. Dorton from our bishopric finished up the meeting with a very emotional talk shared on the worth of a soul and gifts and talents. After the meeting we headed over for our brunch where we served over 60 people. Aunt Becca and Camille, Grandma and Aunt Kim and Uncle Spencer helped provide goodies and drinks. Aunt Shell was the photographer. Following are some of the pics. Not pictured (had to leave after the talk) were- Crockett family, Wayne and Isabel Lee, Mark Lyons, and probably others that I (mom) didn't notice. The Carter's next door as well as Cornilles family came over for a few minutes to wish Brandon the best. Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Shell-bug and family stayed to visit with us til evening. It was a very nice day. Not even sad!! ; )