Thursday, December 29, 2011

Posting all of the guesses for Brandon's Mission Call destination...

Mom - Texas
Dad - South Africa
Eliza - Texas
Uncle Jeff - California
Uncle Spencer - Canada
Steven Neese - Mississippi
Grandpa Neese - Peru
Aunt Shell - Santiago, Chile
Brett - Venezuela
Conner - Argentina
Grandma Neese - Brazil
Robin Turner - Madagascar
DaeNeese - Brazil
Wendy Grow - Brazil
? - Eastern Europe
Uncle Dana - Scotland/England
Riley - La Paz, Bolivia
Doug Baird - East Africa
Haydons - Australia
Morgan - New Zealand
Brian Schmidt - Japan
Sam Crockett - Russia
Bonnie Arbon - Helsinki, Finland
Sam Klauffman - Helsinki, Finland
Stephanie Lyle Verdugo - Spain / Tennesee
Brayden Facemeyer - England
Shea Scheiss - England
Jenifer Allen - England
Stacey Smyth - Ireland /Scotland
Kisi Watkins - South America/ Chile
Kaye Nelson - Paraguay / Wisconsin
Gena Roe - Mongolia
Deborah Fox - South America
Deanne Crockett - Dominican Republic
Willie Salas - Mexico City, Mexico - CLOSEST GUESS!!
Stacey (Grow) - Canada

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Requirement #1: Brandon's Acceptance Letter

The first thing Brandon needs to get done for his mission is to officially accept the call. He wrote his acceptance letter to the First Presidency this morning before heading back to SNOW. We will take it to the Bishop today, get his signature and send it off tomorrow. Requirement #1, done! Now on to the passport...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Brandon's Papers arrived today...1 1/2 Weeks Later! WOW!

Too bad Brandon is not here to open them! We are sitting here trembling over the temptation to open them. The letter is addressed to: "Elder Brandon Enoch Corbin", from: "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Office of the First Presidency"! Can't believe this day is here. Brandon has been ordered to make a special trip home on Fri. after his classes. Everyone who would like to join us is invited to arrive for a 3:30 letter opening. This is so exciting! It is hard to express my feelings as the mother of my first missionary...AMAZING!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooooky Day!

The day got off to an interesting start by Sadie (the family dog) getting hit by a car while chasing a cat on to Canyon Road. The good news is that this dog has at least 9 lives and the receptionist at the vet's office told me not to feel bad, her dog does the same thing...BUT! that's not why this post is being posted, it's because the day is so far ending on a better note! The Bishop told us (Frank and I) while at our ward Halloween Trunk or Treat, that he got word that Brandon's papers have been sent out to us!!!! ALREADY!!! If they get here this Wednesday, that will be the fastest turn around I have ever heard of! A week and a half!! Wow! We'll see. We are so excited. Funny thing is, Brandon didn't even tell us! Of course, I'm not sure when the Bishop called him to tell him today,'s now 9pm, and he still hasn't even called. Another funny thing, he told the bishop that he wouldn't be opening it until the next get together at Thanksgiving! Think we can wait that long??

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Papers Officially Submitted!

We are now playing the waiting game! Up to this point...

Brandon was finished with all of his mission papers within just days of receiving them from the Bishop. Once he realized he didn't make the "walk-on try outs" at SNOW college, he said, "Okay, I'm ready! Let's move forward! I'll leave for my mission ASAP!" He had set up an appointment and met that next Sunday with the Bishop. He had already been ordained an Elder. He had been attending Missionary Prep classes and was very excited about his mission. The only thing left after that first week was his wisdom teeth. Well, thanks to Dr. James Morgan, Brandon is wisdom tooth free, and ready to go!

Where to?

Dr. Nelson (ACL Surgeon)- Dr. Nelson has been saying all along that he was performing Brandon's surgery for things greater than basketball. For several years our family had all sacrificed our time, and many times meager income for the building up of "the Brandon"! It was a smart investment- scholarship worthy and more...a really good boy's dream come true. Though, at that point in Brandon's life, we couldn't understand the reason for such an injury and blow to all of Brandon's hopes and dreams, we knew and believed that Heavenly Father's will would be done. There was only one thing more important to Brandon at this point in his life; the gospel. He had put aside success in trumpet, friends, math, and many times his family. This wise surgeon said, "Brandon, you won't be ready to play ball, or any sports this (his Senior) year, but we will have you good and ready for the [things I, mom, call-"TTRM"]- things that really matter. Those things he told us were, "to be a hard working missionary and being a healthy, capable father." The Dr. could see beyond where we were- stuck in Senior year disappointment shock. I am grateful to him, for sharing his hope/vision for Brandon in such a sad time.

He was the one that made Brandon's first mission proposal. He is called to work at the MTC and works with young men all of the time. Almost a year after surgery, at Brandon's final check appointment/signing of mission health approval, he said something like this: "Well Brandon, I know where you are going! Do you want to know where you are going?" Brandon stayed propped up on the examination table, looked at him and smiled the way he does (not saying a word, of course) and kinda nodded his head in agreement. He said, "Brandon, You'll be called to the New Zealand Mission. The (something meaning clouds in the sky or something- city), New Zealand Mission." Brandon got up and walked toward him and the doctor grabbed his shoulder (Brandon being at least 6 inches taller). I kind of laughed, wondering if he was really serious or what! We all, including the surgeon assistant, just nodded and smiled. "We'll see!" we kinda said, and he said in reply, "Really!". Well, we'll see...

Any guesses??