Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooooky Day!

The day got off to an interesting start by Sadie (the family dog) getting hit by a car while chasing a cat on to Canyon Road. The good news is that this dog has at least 9 lives and the receptionist at the vet's office told me not to feel bad, her dog does the same thing...BUT! that's not why this post is being posted, it's because the day is so far ending on a better note! The Bishop told us (Frank and I) while at our ward Halloween Trunk or Treat, that he got word that Brandon's papers have been sent out to us!!!! ALREADY!!! If they get here this Wednesday, that will be the fastest turn around I have ever heard of! A week and a half!! Wow! We'll see. We are so excited. Funny thing is, Brandon didn't even tell us! Of course, I'm not sure when the Bishop called him to tell him today,'s now 9pm, and he still hasn't even called. Another funny thing, he told the bishop that he wouldn't be opening it until the next get together at Thanksgiving! Think we can wait that long??

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