Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 18- Letter # 19

Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 3:53 PM Hola, This week was pretty good. On Monday I had the chance to prepare by doing laundry and cleaning the house. We also did some contacts after. Tuesday we had the chance to go to a less active member in the ward she said that she was having struggles with her store for bread. She said they were hardly having any sales. We shared a message about the importance of paying tithing and about when we do all that we can to be good people God will bless us. We then went to M and V but they were going to leave because they had received a free car and were going to do some errands and to fix something on it. They said that we wouldn't be able to come back until tomorrow because M was going to leave for his Wrestling tournament. On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to San Juaquin that is about 30 minutes from our house but is in our area. We hadn't searched for investigators for a while from there so we decided we would go there and find people. We also visited with some less actives there who had attended church last week. On Thursday we went to an Hermana in the ward to help her out with some service, and for the rest of the time we looked for new investigators. On Friday we had divisions. This is where we change one missionary for another missionary of another companionship. I went to the different area and Elder Camarillo stayed in our area. It was a little weird to not have the same companion that I had had for 10 weeks but it was a good practice for when we change. On Saturday we went back to San Juaqin to see the people who we had made appointments with from Wednesday. We weren't able to find many of them in their homes so we went to the less active members of that area who had gone to church the Sunday before and they said that they would be able to go to church on Sunday. Sunday we saw the less active members from San Juaqin there and also V and her 2 kids. We also had our district meeting to end the day and weekly planning. So yeah a pretty good week and it will be even better this week. I am so grateful that we have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth. I am so grateful for the Prophet and the General Authorities who lead and guide our church. Hope everything continues to go well! Les Amo, Elder Corbin

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