Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 16- Letter # 17

Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 4:51 PM Hola, How are you all doing? I received the letters from the Crockett's and DaeNeese. Thanks for those. I have a question for DaeNeese. One of the Elders asked me about if it was ok if he wrote you? He asked me what she would think and I said, "I'm not sure". He said, "ask her if its ok if I write her". ¿Que te parece? I have a couple questions for mom too. Should I wash all my church pants in the washer? We don't have dry cleaners anywhere near. I thought about it and then I thought about how much it ruins them and then I thought, "I should just ask mom". And to be in the newsletter I need to write a different part for the ward every 3rd Monday? Last week I was going to finish the story but I thought about something else that I needed to say that I didn't want to forget. So I thought that I would write it and then return and finish the story but I forgot!! haha. Sooo... The next day we woke up and it was raining. It was pretty cool. So this week we were asked to really stress service. We went to less active members and looked to see if we could do anything to help them. We found some good opportunities. On Wednesday we found some less active members who said that they hadn't gone to church in 6 years and we asked them if they remembered why they were baptized. They said that they weren't sure. We talked them about the importance of coming to church after and read some scriptures about persevering until the end. They said that they should be able to go to church. Thursday we went to a member and mopped a "Salon de Fiestas" and swept it. Saturday we swept the front of someones house and mopped it. This morning we took out a bush in front of a members house and put in a tree. Today we also ate burgers for breakfast and then after we had a zone meeting. We received our jerseys that we had payed for, of the Soccer team Real Madrid, with our names on the back of them. It looks pretty cool. I, of course, chose number 5. We also played steal the flag and a little bit of frisbee after. After that we had more burgers! It was a good week. We also had the opportunity to do a lot of contacting. We found a lady who when we contacted her asked us where the church was and when it started. We told her and gave her a Book of Mormon. On Sunday we didn't see her in church and we went back to her house. She told us that she wanted to give it back to us because she thought that it was the only book that we believed in and that it was to take away from the Bible. We explained to her a little bit about the Book of Mormon and she was relieved because she said she really wanted to read it. Adios, Elder Corbin

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