Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 4- Letter #5

Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 10:18 AM Family,
Happy Birthday Mom as of yesterday! How was your birthday? Did you do anything awesome? Did you have parfaits for breakfast?? or belgaim waffles? How are things going for everyone? It was good to hear from you guys. Im glad the room switch is going well. That is not very good news to hear about elder Larson's father. I hope he is doing alright.
So yeah the topic for this week is charity and the one for next week will be virtue. So if you could just maybe look up a little bit about it and share with me that would be awesome. But they are in preach my gospel. That is the order I am going in so you could follow by that.
Mom, I have been taking pictures but I wont be able to send any out until I get out in the field. I will probably send all of them the first day I get out there. To tell you a little more about my companion he was home schooled and has been playing piano since he was seven and is pretty good. He just got accepted to BYU for piano skills. He tries to play whenever he can. But yes I recently got a haircut. I exercise 5 out of 7 days. I got the calling of senior companion. I have only gained 5 pounds I guess because I burn it all off playing basketball.
Dad, that's awesome that you're almost graduated!!!! I'm so excited for you!! That is sooo cool. That's awesome that you have all A's. I hope the job search keeps getting better for you. How did the "Jesus the Christ" reading go this week with chapter 4? I especially liked the part on pg. 33 (at least in my book, I'm not sure if it is the same page in yours) that says "that by the Word, who was with God, and who was God even in the beginning, all things were made," because a lot of the time people get confused about how Jesus and Heavenly Father are separate beings but that explains a little bit of why. It continues on to say that Christ was "God the Creator". Explaining a little more why he is called God sometimes. I really liked how they shared how some of the scripture names are present day names and what they are.
One that I really that was awesome is how Jesus' name is Joshua in current day names. I did not know that. I also really liked the part where they explain the meaning of Jehovah on page 36. It says it is meant to mean "Lord," and also meaning "Self existent One or the Eternal." Just some awesome parts.
Well it was good to hear from you guys. I just want to let you know that I know that Jesus is the Christ and that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of today and that Joseph Smith did restore the gospel. In the Name of Jesus Christ amen. Until next time. Adios!

Elder Brandon Corbin

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