Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1st Week Complete- Letter #2

Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 10:31 AM
How are things going back home? How is school going for everyone? How is everybody taking the bedroom switch? How is Rileys bball going? What's new? Thanks for the cookies and the manicure set. It will come in handy. I bought some floss on i think it was Monday. Friday is my preparation day. It was Saturday last week though because it was the first week. But it should be Friday until I leave the MTC. I would like to extend a challenge for Brett and Conner especially, but if anyone else would like to join that would be awesome. I am going to be studying a specific topic each week and I want them to study with me and give me input on what they learned about that subject each week. That would be awesome if they would do that. If you could ask them if they would want to do that, that would be awesome. Also do you think I could get the Henrie's address because I accidentally threw away the address that was on a package from here and I wanted to write a thank you to Sister Henrie.
The best way to contact me though, at least in the MTC, is through the dear elder services because I get those letters during the week so I can read those whenever. For email though I can only check that on Preparation days. It was a great to hear from you and I will talk to you later.
Elder Corbin

Write Brandon through via email @ DearElder.com!
They print and deliver these letters daily. Instructions:
Go to: www.dearelder.com
Select: write a letter (tab)
Letter selection: "Provo MTC" (drop tab choice)/ click "write a missionary"
Fill in: "envelope" with your address info, then his-
The only info you need is his mailbox number # (266), mission code (0409), and estimated departure date (April, 2012).
Type: your letter in the box provided, then click "send letter"
It's wayyy easy and fast!

Send a same day-delivery Package for just $3.00!
If you're in the area you can send Brandon (or any missionary) a package via UPS store on University Ave. (3214 N.) just west of us by Magleby's Fresh (on the south side stores). They deliver to the MTC daily (if you get there before 2 p.m. and charge only $3.00 for up to a 5 lb. package. Just take the info. for DearElder with you- his mailbox number # (266), mission code (0409), and estimated departure date (April, 2012) No address required.

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