Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brandon's First Report...Sat., Feb. 11th- SO EXCITING!

Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 9:46 AM
How are things going for you guys? Things are going awesome here! I love doing this work. I have been enjoying the MTC alot. Each day I get better at being a better missionary and am learning many things. Preach my gospel is especially useful. It has everything you would ever need to serve a mission, at least pretty close to everything. My companions name is Elder Nicholson and he is pretty awesome. He is from Waterbury Connecticut. He was converted about 6 years ago and is very excited about teaching the gospel. We get along pretty good. We have started teaching our first mock "investigator" and just taught our first lesson yesterday. His name is Pepe. We are going to be teaching him another lesson manana. It was difficult to understand most of the questions he asked us but we were able to answer some of them. We taught him about the restoration. It was an awesome experience even though we didn't really know how to say much ha ha. I have no complaints or regrets everything is awesome and even better than what I expected. It has been great and I have been told that it just gets better. I haven't been taking much pictures but I will start taking more. We have been given the challenge of reading the missionary handbook by sunday and I am close and should make it. I had to get the Typhoid shot down here at the MTC on Friday, but I think I am ready to go immunization wise. Its crazy because about 90 of the Elders going to Mexico couldnt get their visas and were temperarily going to be serving in the Los Angeles California and Boise Idaho Missions. Dad, I started reading Jesus the Christ but haven't finished the first chapter yet. Im sure I will finish it by our next preparation day. So far though it is just a great intro and I am really interested to read more. So does next week sound good to talk about the first chapter of Jesus the Christ? Hope things are going well back home. Love you all and hope every thing is going good back home.
Hasta Luego,
Elder Corbin

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