Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 26- Letter #27

Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 1:10 PM
Hola, ¿Como estan? I had divisions with some of the other missionaries. Every missionary is supposed to have 2 divisions every transfer and we hadnt done them yet. Last week being close to the transfer we had to change 2 times within a short amount of time. The man that tripped was sick last time we passed by and we werent able to see him since. V is doing pretty good. We actually werent able to talk to her much but we did one day. She told us that M returned and said that he wants to hear more about the gospel and get married and after be baptized. Yeah the people here were just taught to do things that are of the world and not exactly things that will help them in the long run. Family T is a less active family with the wife as an investigator. They have gone to church 2 out of the last three weeks and the wife is actually going to be baptized after they get married (Kinda like the M and V Situation). The first baptism was awesome. It was soo cool to think that I helped in the change of this persons life. She was baptized by the person who brought her to the church the first time. His name is Hermano E. I actually cant go on the blog. As missionaries we are limited to lds.org, Email, and mormon.org. This week was the last week before transfers. On Tuesday we were able to bring one of the members with us to see some of our investigators. Each responded well and the member added a strong testimony. On Wednesday I had my first convert that came from playing basketball against him. We were able to play a short game of 2 on 2 and after he told me, with a glow of pride and joy, "I speak English." We talked a little bit in English and then set up an appointment for next Tuesday. He told me that he had been working in United states for the last 20 years making roofs, and had one time talked to missionaries. He should be a great investigator. On Thursday we had a meeting about the new changes with how the members need to help more in the missionary work and the Elders should do less finding and more teaching. On Friday we actually received some referals. But sadly they were not in our area so we cant teach them, but we passed it on to the other missionaries. On Saturday we spent the day with one of the assistants to the president because we are the area closest to the offices. He had divisions with another missionary but he would not arrive until late. It was cool to spend a little bit of time with him too and learn from him. On Sunday we had the Family T at church again, and 42 people in total there. They talked about the new plan in Sunday School and the importance of attending the temple. I also took some last pictures just in case I was going to leave the area. On Sunday night I received the information that I was going to be transferred to a small ranch in Durango. I arrived Monday night and met my new companion whose name is Elder Cortés. He is awesome it should be an awesome transfer. I love the area too. It is really cool. !pues hasta luego¡ Espero que les gustan los fotos. Elder Corbin

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