Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 22- Letter #23

Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 7:47 PM Hola, So your going to girls camp huh? That's awesome. Where are you going to be going for that? It sounds like things are going pretty well down there. So the address that we give to our parents for mail and all that is to the offices. There they are distributed to our leaders in a monthly meeting. After that they are distributed to the individual missionary. So, quite the process huh? ha,ha. I asked the leaders if I have received a package though and they said yes. So I haven't received it yet but they said I should receive it in the upcoming weeks. That's cool that Jake is going to Texas, and Spanish speaking. About the emailing me from Grandma and Grandpa.... I'm not sure but I will ask and let you know next week. This week was pretty good. Its funny because the kids here don't know English of course, but there are a couple words that they do know and they are proud of it. So every time they see me in the street they say "Hey man!" Just a random thought about my area. haha. On Wednesday we went and invited a Priest of the ward to go with us to contact different houses. He came and was pretty well prepared. He told us that he had gone with the missionaries after and that he was already planning on serving a mission. So that was pretty cool. We also talked to Vanessa on this day. We did the questions for baptism with her and she passed all of the questions too (Besides that they aren't married). Thursday we went with one of the deacons in our ward to the appointments we had. He did great, answering little questions here and there as we went to the different appointments. On Friday we were able to help one of the members with a talk that they were going to be giving on Sunday (and it went great on Sunday). We also contacted for most of this day. On Saturday we were able to go with the deacon again to our appointments. It was a good experience because he and his mom wanted to do a fast for the first time so we helped them out with their questions and teaching them how they should do a fast. On Sunday we went to the district meeting expecting a change but our district leader told us that we would be staying in the same area even though we don't have a mission leader. I'm excited for the challenge to do all we can to get the ward excited for this new change to have the members be missionaries. Today we went to a buffet for the first time. It was pretty good. We spent 2 hours there in intention to eat all the food in the restaurants but sadly we weren't able to achieve that goal. I am grateful for the gospel and for the Savior in my life. I'm also great for you all and all your support on my mission. A couple questions. When does Brett return from his work in California? How is Conner's reading going in the Book of Mormon? Les amo, Elder Corbin

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